Teleporter (Empress)
General Information
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Empress Universe

Teleporters are a model of droids that exist in the Empress Universe.

Design Edit

Teleporters are spherical machines about the size of a basketball. They are sentient possess one eye that expresses their emotions. One of their abilities is teleportation. Using their eye they can bean itself and others to distant planets, so long as it can see the stars.

History Edit

The Teleporters were used during the One Day War, a conflict that literally ended in a single day.

Appearances Edit

  • Empress Issue 002 (2016)
  • Empress Issue 003 (2016)
  • Empress Issue 004 (2016)
  • Empress Issue 005 (2016)
  • Empress Issue 006 (2016)
  • Empress Issue 007 (2016)
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