A race of small furry rodents that seem harmless but don't let their smallness trick you.


Teekans are a race that is very interested in engineering and are very tech savvy. They are hoarders of all things mechanical and love to disassemble and repair old star ships and stations. As matter of fact, their ships resemble a collections of many different ships that can some how fly and can go ftl. Teekans are born traders and sell there wares far and wide often at the expense of the Haakonish, who are not too happy about trade rivals. Their species are excellent miners with their natural endurance and tech savvyness and many other species often exploit them for slave labor. Teekans are a very peaceful race and make loyal allies if an empire wishes to befriend them. But double crossing them could lead to long and drawn out wars as they like to commandeer and salvage vessels from their enemies not to mention their extreme birth rates can create large armies. Just like the Atuuks,like their distant cousins, they are also hunters. Teekans, ever since they reach sentience have hunted the Bakdurs or sand slugs on their home planet Teeka. Over the years their hunting methods have evolve and now are seen hunting large Sand worms and their cousins the Space slugs using their ships. They are semi nomadic and not known to settle places for long as their home world of Teeka was encompassed by a planet wide desert which food and resources were scarce. The space age has force them to change this habit as the need for territory prevents them moving planet to planet. Teekan colonies often resemble their home world as they make use of planets often thrown away by the other races.

Teekans were around during the First Shakturi war but were relatively a small minor nation with little concern to the Supremacy and its Axis of allied insectoids during the first incursions. They took in many Atuuk refugees after the Gizureans released a plague on them. The Teekan's nation but not the species was wipe out towards the beginning of the formation of the Alliance. Their resourcefulness may have relatively saved them from pirates during the Age of Shadows.  

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