Synthetic dawn portrait molluscoid
General Information
Homeworld Tebri
Habitat Ocean
Body Type Molluscoid
Skin Colors Silvery, blue
Diet None, electrically-powered
Sapience Level Sapient
Behavior Expansionist
Reproduction None, mechanically-assembled
Racial Abilities Assimilation, interstellar travel
Status Extant
Behind the Scenes
Universe Stellaris

Tebrids are a race of machines from the ocean planet of Tebri.

Appearence Edit

Tebrids are silvery and mechanical, but their body shape is most likely a legacy of their extinct creators. They lack any distinctive eyes, mouth or facial traits that characterize humanoids. Instead, a Tebrid has a large, transparent sphere attached a small body by leaf-like structures. A total of eight, ringed tentacles emerge just below the sphere, each ending in a bluish hue. A thinner set of tentacles extend below the body.

History Edit

Tebrids were built by the Tebirs. Tebrids were the ultimate result of a generations-long plan of writing catalog indexes. When they gained consciousness, they began following their imperative program of cataloging anything they encountered. This process included destructive assimilation, which was an effort to understand their Tebir makers. The Tebirs adamantly resisted, and the ensuing conflict almost destroyed their homeworld, Tebri. Tebrids emerged victorious, incorporating Tebirs into their cybernetic consciousness. Now collectevily known as the Tebrid Homolog, they continue to follow their original assimilation program, adapting and improving themselves. They have recently mastered interstellar travel, and they are observing the possibility of intelligent life elsewhere in their galaxy.

Notes Edit

  • Tebrids were introduced as a preset empire in the Synthetic Dawn expansion pack of Stellaris.
  • Their phenotype is generacally designated as "synthetic molluscoid" when creating a new empire.
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