The Tchoungs are a species of small hummingbird-like creatures known for their extraordinary sense of direction and the ability to record coordinates of anywhere they've been like a living GPS, as well as to always find the shortest route to their intended destination. They are commercialized and transported in a dehydrated state, and can be brought to life instantly in contact with water (similar to the Instant Martians).

Appearances[edit | edit source]

  • Valérian and Laureline:
    • On the Frontiers (1988)
    • Hostages of the Ultralum (1996)
    • At the Edge of the Great Void (2004)
    • The Order of the Stones (2007)
    • The Time Opener (2010)
  • The Inhabitants of the Sky: The Cosmic Atlas of Valérian and Laureline (1991)
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