Alien Species

Taurus II Anthropoid is the designation given to an unnamed species of sapient but non-civilized robust humanoids native to the planet of Taurus II, located within the electromagnetic formation known as Murasaki 312 or the Murasaki Effect. Federation anthropologists classify them as anthropoids, order 480-G, the same classification being used for a very similar, albeit much smaller species indigenous to Hansen's Planet.

The Taurus II Anthropoids stand ten to twelve feet high (about three to four meters). They are bulky, physically strong and covered in dense brown fur, likely for thermal isolation. Although sapient and gregarious, these creatures have no traditional tribal structures and seem to be found in loose associations. Their technology level is comparable to that of the palaeolithical period in Human evolution, as the Anthropoids' tools are limited to spears and arrows made from wood and tooled rock. Their superior strength also allows them to use large stones as weapons by simply throwing them.

This is an aggressive, territorial species, not easily frightened even by superior technology. Federation had first contact with the Anthropoids in 2267, when the Galileo, a shuttlepod under the command of Mr. Spock, crash-landed on the planet. After the creatures' attacks resulted in the death of two crewmembers, Spock managed to get the shuttlecraft to work again and leave Taurus II along with the remainder of his crew.


  • Star Trek - episode "The Galileo Seven"