Alien Species

Tatori are large, tortoise-like organisms indigenous to the subterranean lakes of Maridia beneath the ravaged surface of the rogue planet Zebes. Likely because of having adapted one of the most powerful armoring known to exist on the world, Tatori are normally very peaceful creatures. Their shell protects their body, save for the legs, neck, and tail.

Tatori may normally be peaceful creatures, but should one threaten a parent's young, they will viciously attempt to protect them by retracting their limbs into their shell and spinning around rapidly, causing it to lift into the air.

Because of the destruction of the planet Zebes, the Tatori are now considered officially extinct.


  • The Tatori is referred to as "Kame" in the game's code, which is simply the Japanese word for turtle.
  • The Tatori's ability to retract its limbs and spin rapidly, allowing it to "jump" is possibly a reference to the Japanese kaiju Gamera.