Alien Species

Tasoths are well-trained reptillian soldiers. The creatures are skilled in basic combat and the powerful Molecular Control ability used by the aliens. At first glance they appear to be lizardmen, but when research is conducted on a corpse, it is revealed that the Tasoth is actually some sort of organic android. Inspection shows that the creature has no skeletal structure organs, save for a small power cell. It can be inferred that the body's structure is held up by some sort of energy field. When killed, the Tasoth simply collapses into a pile of skin and fluids. There are also a pair of ceramic cells that, when energized, briefly revive the body. With great strength and agility, and being built to endure heavy damage, the Tasoth is without a doubt the perfect soldier for the alien front lines.

Tasoths are often accompanied by Triscenes on terror missions.


  • X-COM: Terror from the Deep