The Tasari were a race of hairless humanoids native to the planet Gyrlat II. Their faces were bird-like in structure, with a beak-like nose and feathery crests on the back of their skulls. They can live to be 120 years of age, and were known to be inquisitive and minded. Many centuries ago, the Tasari had a flourishing society, until a meteor shower rained down from the skies and destroyed much of the planet's surface. The Tasari were forced to revert to a primitive existence, finding shelter in the craters formed by the meteor impacts, and many blood cults rose from the ashes. These cults enacted blood sacrifices to tasar crystals in order to appease the dark gods who destroyed the planet. Over the next several hundred years, these cults died out, but pockets of believers still exist. In general, Tasari were friendly and outgoing, with a curiosity and openmindedness that allowed them to accept their place in the galaxy and explore beyond their borders. During the New Order, the Tasari had developed an industrial society, but could use more modern technology with relative ease.

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