Tarkatan Xenomorph
Biography Information
Homeworld Xenomorph Prime
Species Xenomorph
Height Roughly 8 Feet
Diet Carnivorous
Behind the Scenes
Universe Mortal Kombat

The Tarkatan Xenomorph is a strain of Xenomorph born from a Tarkatan host. Although, by genetic identification, this strain is identified as "Tarkatan," this type is only one of three variations of this specific strain. It features as a guest character in Mortal Kombat X.



This Xenomorph strain appears to be a bit more bulky and muscular than their wiry, lanky human-spawned siblings. It is black, like them, but has a shorter head and a more impressive set of teeth, like it's host. The Xenomorph also has arm blades, a trait taken from it's host, though it's blades are segmented and hooked at the ends. The primary difference between the 3 variations of the Tarkatan strain is the head. The primary variation's head is similar to the ridged head of the Warrior. The Acid variation is smooth-lined like the drone caste, while the Konjurer variation's head bears a close resemblance to the larger crest of a Praetorian.


It appears to be able to adhere itself to surfaces like most of it's species. It's most obvious and striking feature is it's arm blades, which bear a resemblance to some Yautja weaponry. The Acidic variation of this strain is able to spew blood out from its body, while the Konjurer variation has the ability to summon drones and Facehugger "traps" on the battlefield.


Arm blades.


  • The First Tarkatan Xenomorph we see emerges from Baraka, the most well known Tarkata.[1]
  • The Konjurer and Acid variation can not directly use their blades.



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