Alien Species

Tarkaleans are a warp-capable humanoid species native to planet Tarkalea. They have several bony ridges running on their heads, but appear fairly Human-like other than that. Tarkalean technology appears to be quite advanced, as they already possessed food replicators long before Vulcans.

A Tarkalean freighter was attacked by time-traveling Borg drones in the mid 22nd century, resulting in at least two Tarkalean crewmembers being assimilated. Chronologically, this makes them the second Alpha Quadrant species known to have been assimilated into the Borg collective; the first having been Humans. The two Tarkalean Borgs were later ejected into deep space to prevent them assimilating the Enterprise crew. It is possible that they have survived, though, as Borg drones are known to be able to withstand space vacuum thanks to their tech implants.

Tarkalean tea is a popular beverage among Humans in the 23rd and 24th centuries. Tarkalean flu is a mild viral disease to which Vulcans are vulnerable, perhaps indicating that they share some physiological similarities with the Tarkaleans. Planet Tarkalea is also the homeworld of at least two avian species: the Tarkalean Condor and the Tarkalean Hawk.

Appearances: Star Trek: Enterprise - "Regeneration"