The Targylls were an ancient species that existed millions of years ago in the Ythaq Universe.

Biology Edit

The Targylls were a slender, insectoid species. They were bipeds and possessed a tail for additional support.

History Edit

Millions of years ago Sarkun'hr Magremort attempted to claim the worlds of the Targylls. In retaliation the Tatgylls drove him from their territory, chasing him across the galaxy. The Targylls managed to imprison Sarkun'hr Magremort on the world of Ythaq. To ensure that the entity would remain trapped they placed Ythaq in another dimension.

The Targyll civilization eventually collapsed and keys to the dimension hiding Ythaq falling into the hands of the Hersheens. While the Targyll were regarded as extinct in the Milky Way, another branch of the species, the Purpres survived in another universe.

Culture Edit

The Targylls were a highly advanced species, able to identity the four basic elements of Life. They used their knowledge to contain the entity Sarkun'hr Magremort. In addition they possessed technology capable of opening gateways to another dimension.

Appearances Edit

  • Les Naufragés d’Ythaq #9 - L'Impossible Vérité (2011)
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