The Tarellians are a minor species in the 41st Millennium.

Biology Edit

A reptilian species that are are narrow-waisted, broad shouldered and slightly shorter than most humans, with long, snouted faces.

Culture Edit

Tarellians are a spacefaring race found in much of the galaxy. Commonly known as Tarellian Dog-soldiers, due to their snouted faces and mercenary work. Like many non-human races they suffered at the uncaring hands of the Imperium of Man, during the Great Crusade the Imperium virus bombed most of their home worlds, nearly wiping the species out. Since the holocaust the Tarellians held a great grudge against the Imperium and humanity. Recently the Tarellians have contracted to fight under the Tau, serving as mercenaries in their armies as they hold the Tau to be reliable clients and also to join in the war against humanity.

Appearance Edit

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  • Storm of Damocles by Justin D. Hill (2016)
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