The Tarasin were a race of quilled reptiloids native to the planet Cularin. Believed to be descended from the same stock as the kilassin, the Tarasin evolved into social groups and eventually gained sentience. These beings were incredibly attuned to the Force, and their society was based on a symbiotic relationship with their planet. Their religion was also based on the worship of nature, and any actions made against the natural order of the planet were punished. Because of their relationship with the planet, most Tarasin will only travel off-planet for very short periods of time, and only for a short distance. When logging corporations began to discover the exotic trees of Cularin, the Tarasin were driven to fight off several attempts to clear a forest. The skin of a Tarasin was unusual in that it could change its coloration in response to the Tarasin's mood, and also as a form of communication. A more complex form of communication was achieved by simply changing the colors of the fingers on one hand, rather than openly expressing oneself by changing their body color. Naturally, a Tarasin was the light green color of the horonna plant's leaves. White skintone indicated joy, while black signified the end of a conversation. Orange skintone, when similar to that of the gargrell flower, indicated that the Tarasin was angry or irritated, depending on the intensity of the coloration. When a Tarasin changed its skin color to purple - a color which didn't naturally exist in the ecosystem of Cularin - it was often done in one's home, and indicated amusement. Yellow, like the vine of the arrgrar, indicated illness in an individual, while blue indicated a level of respect or deference on the part of the speaker. Among the distinguishing parts of the Tarasin form were the kampo, the Tarasin name for their head-fan, and the sa'tosin, the quills which grew from the backs of their forearms.

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