"This creatures came from the metroid universe then captured by the xenomorphs. it can spit acid very far far away"

This isn't true at all. It's just a regular morphological strain of Xenomorph like the other Kenner toys, this one from Hive Wars. It's hosts are not known (as far as I know), but it certainly wouldn't be the Metroids (due to the general stupidity of companies disallowing cross-company...uh...stuff. Can't think of the word I'm looking for right now). While I think the idea of the Xenomorphs taking over the Metroids would be very cool and frightening (albeit hard to understand how it could be accomplished as Metroids don't officially have mouths to allow eggs to be laid within them, nor true internal organs which I can't remember if that's important or not), this certainly (and perhaps unfortunately) is not the case. I have an image of the Acid Alien, but never uploaded it because it's a still-in-package image, and found that style to be pretty tacky. I guess I'll work towards uploading it here, though, now that there's actually a page for them. -- Somarinoa 04:01, 24 November 2008 (UTC)

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