The Taishibethi were a sentient race in Destiny.

Biology Edit

According to the Book of Sorrows, the Taishibethi were an avian race, described as sun ravens. Its seems that the Tai Emperor Raven was tied with the continuation of the species. Their method of birth involved constructing structures called "star-webs" where infant Taishibethi would gestated.

History Edit

The Taishibethi were a spacefaring race by the time they were invaded by the Hive. The Taishibethi were on the verge of defeat being assaulted by the Hive's war moons, but managed to counterattack with the arrival of the Tai Emperor Raven who managed to destroy a war moon single handedly. However the victory was short-lived as Oryx personally corrupted her and turned the Taishibethi sovereign into a Taken. The Taishibethi were later wiped to extinction.

Culture Edit

The Taishibethi were a spacefaring culture with multiple worlds under their control.

Source Edit

  • Destiny: Taken King
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