General Information
Homeworld Tagmatia
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Race Universe

The Tagmatians are a race of humanoid reptilians from the planet Tagmatia from Race.

Biology Edit

The Tagmatians are a green-skinned reptilian race. Their face are somewhat elongated, with the nostrils located between the center of the eyes. They have horn growth around the sides of the faces as well as their heads.

History Edit

The Tagmatians were one of many races that suffered at the hands of humanity when the latter race control the jumpgates and held a monopoly on trade starving their world. After the Great War and the creation of the Interplanetary Alliance, many Tagmatians still held a grudge against humanity.

Five hundred years later during the Star Car 5000, Lord Helter of the Tagmatian Empire, conspired to takeover the jumpgates. He enlisted the aid of a Draykanian named Drayka to fuel his army of Shock Trooper drones. In return she would be given held in locating the Lost Gate. In addition Helter made an alliance with the Wingits and Mekaneaks. At the same time he was assisted by Chancellor Nedon, leader of the Alliance for the endeavor. The only part of his plan to solidify his rule was to win the Star Cup 5000, which when would coincide with his successful takeover of the jumpgates.

He was thwarted by his long-time enemy Samuel Porter of Team Earth. After discovering evidence of his plot they presented it to Chancellor Nedon, who then cut ties with Helter and mobilized the Alliance military to suppress the coup. Helter's forces however outnumbered the Alliance, and nearly succeeded, but when a surge of Core energy went through the jumpgate, the blast wiped out the Tagmatians' allied forces.

The Tagmatians lost the Star Cup 5000, with Team Earth wining, with the Tagmatian's pilot racing into Lord Helter's vessel, killing him.

Culture Edit

Nothing is known about Tagmatian culture though they do however possess an aristocracy.

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