The Taercal are an alien species from the planet Taerca in the Stardoc Universe.

Biology Edit

Taercal possess aquiline features and intense all-black eyes. They evolved from an avian life-form, evident from their dark-feathered derma, curved beak-mouths and, their wings. In size they are comparable to humans. In addition they are capable of procreating with humans.

A Taercal’s life span is nearly identical to a Terran’s. One can tell age by the number of short feathers around their necks.

Background Edit

Originally a technological species thanks to the intervention of Sadda, the Taercal regressed into a primitive state, after a plague began to afflict the planet. A cure eluded the doctors and healers, at which during this time religious fundamentalists launched a coup, blaming the plague upon the their scientists. All of their greatest minds were purged and the Taercal created a society that shunned their own technology save those given to them by Sadda.

Culture Edit

The Taercal are a religious people, worshiping a series of gods. Their main temple of worship is known as Sadda's Maw, there conversation is forbidden. Vanity is regarded as a sin, thus they enforce females to shroud their heads. Most species regard them as extreme fanatics, spending their time cloister in prayer. Their speech, culture, and daily behavior is strictly governed by thousands of years of complex ritual laws.

The main focus of their worship is Sadda, who in the ancient past was a Chakacat that crashed on their world and taught them how to build and gave its technology to them.

Interesting the evil incarnate resembles that of an Oenrallian.

Mannerisms aside, they regard unfurled wings to be an aggressive move.

Appearances Edit

  • Eternity’s Row (Stardoc #5) by S.L. Viehl
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