The Tadsylwiens are a sapient, spacefaring alien species who visited Earth in the year 50 BC, when they were in the middle of a war against the Nagmas.

This species hails from a star called Tadsylwine, located in a small galaxy which consists of fifty extinct stars, whose inhabitants all live in peace, at least according to the Tadsylwien dignitary, Toune. The supreme leader of the race is called Hubs. They have engineered their own guarding police force consisting of humanoid Superclones.

Physically, the Tadsylwiens are short purple-skinned humanoids and display little to no physical differences between individuals (similar to the Sensorites), to the point that they have expressed surprise at the phenotype variance among humans.

They travel in ships shaped like golden spheres, each about the same size of a Gaul village. Their technology also includes instantaneous translating devices, the ability to erase memories, and a strange kind of projected field that paralyzes all living things exposed to it. Their favorite food is hot dogs, which look apparently identical to the Earth dish of the same name that would be invented much later.


  • Asterix and the Falling Sky, by Albert Uderzo (2005)


  • This species serves as a parody of American comics. The name Tadsylwien is an anagram of Walt Disney, the American animator and entrepreneur who famously co-created Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and other iconic characters. The Superclones resemble Superman, and their leader Hubs is an anagram of Bush, which refers to at-the-time American president George W. Bush.
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