The Taals (a production nickname, as the species have never been named in canon) are a species of mammalianoid humanoids often seen in the Deep Space 9 station. They have wrinkled hairless skin, a vaguely triangular shaped muzzle and pointed ears. The bald creatures are sometimes observed wearing disproportionally large hats. They have also been seen among the audience in the Tsunkatse games taking place in the Norcadian homeworld in the distant Delta Quadrant, but how the species could have ended up the other side of the galaxy is not clear.

Behind the scenesEdit

In Christopher Bennett's novel Watching the Clock, this species (or an amazingly similar one) is identified as the Shirna: a race of time travelers who are the sworn enemies of the Vorgons. Kal Dano, the mysterious creator of the Tox Uthat, belonged to this race. This is all officially non-canonical.

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