The T'surr were a race of little-known beings native to the planet T'surr in the Expansion Region. Violent and ruthless, the T'surr were large beings with blue, marble-like skin and a heavily-muscled, humanoid frame. A number of horns crowned their heads, and large ears gave them excellent hearing. Four red eyes sat above a wide mouth which was filled with razor-sharp teeth. As a race, the T'surr considered any species weaker than they were to be merely chattel, and had no qualms about enslaving "lesser species". The male T'surr ruled their homeworld, and often traveled away from T'surr as slavers and pirates. Females were almost never seen, and the males often describe them as small and feeble. From each of the T'surr's elbows there were two forearms: a heavily-muscled primary arm and a thin, clawed secondary arm. Like most creatures that evolved on T'surr, the average T'surr had excellent vision in low-light conditions.

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