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The t'landa Til are a massive, quadrupedal, sapient species distantly related to the Hutts. They possess long, thin, whipping tails and four trunk-like legs with huge, padded feet. They also have a tiny pair of arms with delicate hands, each of which boasts four supple fingers. Their faces resemble those of the Hutts save for a long, thick horn above their snout. Like the Hutts, their necks are short, humped-almost nonexistent. They have thick, oily, leathery skin, which hangs in creases, wrinkles, and loose folds. This skin is especially prominent below the neck, where it almost hangs so loose that it hids the arms when they are folded against the chest. The t'landa Til also have two hearts and three stomachs. Male t'landa Til make a sound that attracts females during mating season. This humming vibration is produced when air flows over the cilia in a male's inflated neck pouch. This vibration stimulates a female's pleasure centers. This ability is accompanied by the males' low-grade empathic ability, which they use to project pleasant feelings toward females. The t'landa Til can use this same pouch to create sonic and subsonic vibrations with powerful effects on other species. The average t'landa Til stands about 2 – 2.5 meters tall. The t'landa Til are from the planet Varl, home of the Hutt species. The t'landa Til also live in Nal Hutta, the adopted homeworld of the Hutts. They are also immune to Force mind tricks. Despite being related to the Hutts, the t'landa Til are not as wealthy and powerful as their cousins. Besadii crime lord Aruk the Hutt used a number of t'landa Til as false priests in religious colonies on Ylesia, where "Pilgrims" were lured with the promise of the "Exultation" after days of harsh labor in spice factories. Young Han Solo worked as a pilot for the spice operation, eventually falling in love with and rescuing Pilgrim 921, Bria Tharen, a slave working there, escaping along with Togorians Muuurgh and Mrrov. Intrigues by the Desilijic clan succeeded in poisoning Aruk and his son Durga Besadii Tai took over. Bria Tharen by this time had become a member of the Corellian Resistance, heading the infamous Red Hand Squadron which gave no quarter to slavers, using them as practice to train for fighting Imperials and freeing shipments of slaves. The Corellians allied with other rebels eventually shut down the Besadii spice and slavery operation using the help of Desilijic along with smugglers who they later double-crossed, taking all the loot as funding. After this, the t'landa Til refused to have any part of a new Ylesian operation, and Durga Besadii Tai joined Black Sun.

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