System of Response
Biography Information
Species Muuhian AI
Sapience Non-sentient
Gender None
Age Millions of years (possibly)
Body Type Distributed infrastructure
Behind the Scenes
Universe Orion's Arm
Created by Steve Bowers

The System of Response is a defense artificial intelligence built by the Muuh in the Orion's Arm universe.[1]

Biography Edit

The System of Response is an artificial intelligence built by the Muuh for defensive purposes. Since the Muuh have very slow thinking due to their cold metabolism, unfortunately for them there are living beings in the galaxy who might want to use that limitation against them.

To protect themselves, the Muuh developed an artificial intelligence that could give much faster responses to any emergence or threat.

Intelligence Edit

The System of Response lacks self-awareness or willpower of its own, but its processing capabilities are that of third-singularity being in-universe. In Orion's Arm, being a S3 being means having a thinking speed billions of times faster than a regular human being and not having a classical notion of individuality.[2] This might imply that the System of Response is a hive mind indeed.

References Edit

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