Syresh Vöōs is a Star Wars inspired character created, designed and played by Xavier Conley for the TV show Cosplay Melee. Xavier won both rounds and the 10,000 dollar prize for the character.

Biography Edit

Born on Coruscant, Syresh eventually left for the Outer Rim where he became a low level crime lord. Various conflicts over the years have left him with numerous scars as well as a cybernetic eye. Equipped with a vibro spear and a jet pack, he is considered one of the best melee combatants in the galaxy.

Notes Edit

  • His last name has been written in three different ways, the captions for the episode say Voeos, the on-screen profile says Vöōs while Xavier wrote it as Vös
  • The writing on his helmet translates to "XC".
  • Xavier is the brother of Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Chris Conley.
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