Alien Species

Sylux is a bounty hunter of an unknown species of sapient extraterrestrial.


Not much is known about Sylux, apart from the fact that he harbors an extreme hatred toward the Galactic Federation and Samus Aran. The weapons, armor and technology Sylux wields were stolen from the Galactic Federation.

Alimbic Message[]

Sylux too received the Alimbic message, stating that the key to ultimate power lied in the Alimbic Cluster. Sylux wants this power, for "it just might be powerful enough to destroy the entire Galactic Federation..."

Weapons and Alt-Form[]

Sylux's weapon of choice is the Shock Coil, a weapon that resembles a sword (when he uses it, anyway) and fires homing bursts of electricity. His alt-form, the Lockjaw, is a collection of energy surrounded by two beams that resemble his suit. Sylux's alt-form weapon, the Electric Bombs, can be dropped in groups of three. The bombs will create an electric tripwire between them, and all the bombs will explode if someone crosses the line.


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