Swarmites are a race of small semi-obese humanoids. Swarmites have dark blue skin and light blue blood, they have large mouths and large bulging eyes with small black pupils on opposite sides of their eyes. They have no visible nostrils and small pointy ears.

Swarmites travel in large packs and seem to have a hive mind controlled by a large mass of blue tendrils called "Mama." They seem to be able to solve simple puzzles but are otherwise very unintelligent. On each hand swarmites have three fingers and on each foot, two toes. Swarmites and very athletic for their weight, being able to run fast and jump several feet in the air. Swarmites are most likely born from one of "Mama's" tendrils.

Swarmites act purely on instinct and are most likely not self aware. Although they do not have a language, it is stated they communicate through "magnetic fields and eyeball moistness. Swarmites may be bioluminescent, as they glow blue while huddled together. Swarmites may also be reproduced by elastic blue eggs. It is stated that the swarmite's skin is its reproductive organ.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

  • Swarm (main protagonists)
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