Swallowtails are an insect-like creature native to the planet Tridan in the Gandahar Universe. 

Biology Edit

The Swallowtails resemble a Lepidoptera. They were used by the Gandaharians are an aerial mount. In the novel, its described with a fragile hinge where the insect's abdomen articulated with the corset, where the grafted the four yellow wings that rose and fell into a powerful and graceful breaststroke.

The butterfly was remarkable: on the underside of the wings, the black streaks which are the prerogative of the lepidoptera of its species, even made gigantic by old mutations, had been erased by an appropriate arrangement of the molecules, replacing them with the emblem of the kingdom of Gandahar.

Appearance Edit

  • Les Hommes-machines contre Gandahar (1969)
  • Gandahar (1987)
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