Suudor was a dangerous Desserian criminal who escaped from SAR TOP Prison to Earth and took on a human form, along with over 200 other escapees.


In the Migar System, Suudor was responsible for mimicking infamous and multiple homicide offenders. He was eventually caught - still completing his kill of a Vardian despite knowing his time had run out - and was serving a life sentence for his crimes. He seemed to have an addiction to killing, as once he'd 'become' the killer he was mimicking, he wouldn't/couldn't stop until he'd satisfied all his urges.

Part 1Edit

Thanks to the Vardian known as Zin creating a wormhole from SAR TOP to Earth, Suudor was able to escape with over 200 other prisoners and took over a human life force on the train the prisoners were transported to. He
Suudor disguised as a Police Officer

Suudor disguised as a Police Officer - the same disguise John Gacy used.

soon returned to his old ways, but this time began copying killers on Earth. These included John Wayne Gacy (The 'Killer Clown), Albert DeSalvo (The 'Boston Strangler'), Charles Manson, David Berkowitz (The 'Son of Sam'), Jeffrey Dahmer (The Milwaukee Cannibal) and Ted Bundy.

Cole/Daggon first finds out about Suudor's activities when Jonas (the lawyer who helped Cole from been sent to prison for murder and leading to the arrest of Tanner) is reading a newspaper and points out that a teenager has disappeared - with his car found abandoned in the same place John Gacy abducted his last victim. Investigating the disappearances after learning Gacy couldn't be committing the same crimes - as he was put to death by lethal injection years ago, Cole learns that there have been more copycat killings of various infamous serial killers over the past 3 months. He quickly identifies the copycat killer as Suudor when telling Mel about his findings.

Knowing he will need every advantage he can utilize against Suudor - who Cole describes as a ruthless and tenacious killer
Cole and Mel find the body of the missing teenager

Cole and Mel find the body of the missing teenager.

- Cole learns from Nestov that when Desserians adapt to a new environment, they pick up that environment's odour. Although not much, it gives Cole a small but necessary edge. Investigating the scene where the teenager's car was found, Cole uses a gadget on his wrist that he has created to pick up the tire tread imprints from the road and later identifies the car model from the tread - it been the same car model as Gacy drove when pretending to be a police officer. Although the tyre models themselves have been discontinued 20 years ago, Cole learns they were bought from a supplier in Tennessee - with the buyer using the name J.W.Gacy. Upon investigating Gacy's house, they find the body of the missing teenager under the floorboards (the same thing John Gacy did) with Mel informing the Police but without giving her name. Thanks to Cole using another gadget to scan the 'last image' the teenager saw before his death, the pair learn what Suudor's facial appearance looks like. Furthermore, when Mel checks the temporary folders on the computer, she and Cole learn that Suudor has left the country 2 days ago - bound on a one-way flight to Heathrow Airport in London, England.

Suudor disguised as Jack the Ripper.

Suudor disguised as Jack the Ripper.

Heading to London (with Cole having created a fake passport for himself), the pair meet Jess - who had left Chicago some time before when her ex-boyfriend Ewan got back in touch - but are unknowingly watched by an Orsian called Jagar. At the hotel they're staying at, Cole modifies the computer to pick up on information from Scotland Yard to continue his tracking down of Suudor. From this, he learns the London Times has received a death threat - with Cole learning from the contents of the letter sent in that Suudor is planning to impersonate the most infamous serial killer of all: Jack the Ripper. Although Cole bluntly expresses his point of view about Earth been strange due to humanity treating serial killers like celebrities, Mel agrees with him due to Jack the Killer's actions. Exploring the Whitechapel area after reading up on the killer, Cole discovers the dead body of a young prostitute called Katie - her throat cut and liver removed - which confirms Suudor's presence. Unbeknown to Cole, Jagar is watching him.

Returning in the early hours, Cole checks Scotland Yard's forensic reports but finds they have nothing. Going back to Whitechapel to investigate while Mel and Jess have a morning drink and chat, Cole learns
Suudor holds the nurse hostage.

Suudor holds the nurse hostage.

from one of the other prostitutes that Suudor was in the area on the night of the murder - learning as well that on the night, Suudor 'stank of disinfectant'. Following the woman's directions, Cole heads for a nearby hospital - where Suudor has disguised himself as a surgeon. Searching the hospital, Cole briefly locates Suudor - who immediately begins to flee, using his Desserian camouflage as he runs. In an attempt to escape from Cole, Suudor grabs a nurse and throws her from one of the first floor windows. Forced to abandon his chase, Cole goes into hyper-time and manages to catch the nurse - saving her life. Suudor, meanwhile, leaves the hospital and looks at the 'targets' that Jagar has given him to kill - revealed to be Jess and Mel.

Part 2Edit

Talking to an investigator sent to the hospital (and pretending to be a British investigator himself by mimicking an English accent), Cole learns that Suudor operated on a woman in the hospital who needed a cyst removal and instead removed both her kidneys - with Suudor having forged all his documents. Despite this, the investigator points out that the head of surgery examined the woman and stated the incision that Suudor made was some of the best medical work he'd ever seen. Talking to Mel over the phone, Cole believes Suudor will kill again tonight between midnight and 2:00am in the Whitechapel area as all of Jack the Ripper's killings took place between those times - pointing out as well that he'll act quickly now he knows that Cole is in London.

Suudor prepares himself for another night of murder.

Suudor prepares himself for another night of murder.

As he continues his search, he realizes he's been followed and briefly hides before ambushing Jagar - who has been following him. In a fight between the two, Cole defeats him and takes his life force as well as Jagar's Orsian collar. Meanwhile, Jess tells Mel that tonight she and Ewan are going out to a club together - only for Mel to worry when she hears that the club is in Whitechapel. Mel attempts to dissuade Jess from going, despite Jess remaining adamant due to them first meeting in that same club years ago. Mel does eventually convince her, telling her that the four of them will go for dinner that night. As Jess leaves, Cole enters and tries to use a device he has called 'The Knowledge' to identify the Orsian from whom the collar belonged to - but to no avail. Taking the collar, Cole attempts to locate Jagar's twin - although admits he is worried about the presence of other fugitives in London. 

Suudor kidnaps Mel.

Suudor kidnaps Mel.

Following the trail given off from the collar, Cole's search for Jagar's Orsian twin proves futile as he finds it hidden away in an abandoned warehouse - the other Orsian having taken it off. However, he also finds pictures of Jess and Mel, realizing Suudor is planning to kill them. Mel, meanwhile, wakes up after over-sleeping and finds out from reception that Jess has gone to the club after been unable to get in touch with Mel. Rushing to try and stop Jess at the club, Mel manages to get inside but is captured by Suudor when she leaves. Mel briefly escapes from him after hitting him with a brick and running into some underground tunnels, but Suudor captures her again.

Suudor over Cole's weakened body.

Suudor over Cole's weakened body.

Ewan (who - along with Jess - saw Mel running away from Suudor) finds her in the tunnels and attacks Suudor to try and stop him. However, he is easily knocked back and injures his head from hitting the wall, knocking him briefly unconscious. Thankfully, Cole appears and beats Suudor down - allowing Mel and Jess to escape with Ewan. As Cole prepares to take Suudor's life force, he is ambushed by Jagar's twin Hague - who uses a liquid nitrogen weapon to weaken Cole. Suudor then gloats that the whole thing was a trap to capture him. Despite his wishes to get some 'pay back' for Cole taking so many of the fugitive's life forces, Hague instructs Suudor to finish his job and kill Mel and Jess - with Suudor gloating that he'll bring a 'little souvenir' from both of them.

Finding Mel outside - after she sends Jess and Ewan away in a cab and returns to check on Cole - Suudor again pursues her, before eventually catching her and stating that now, he's not wasting any more time. However, Cole has
Cole takes Suudor's life force.

Cole takes Suudor's life force.

managed to recover his energy enough to enter hyper-time for brief periods, allowing him to recover his Collector from Hague. He manages to reach Mel just in time to stop and disarm Suudor - briefly disorientating him. Wasting no more time himself due to his weakened state, Cole finally takes Suudor's life force. With help from Mel, Cole manages to escape from Hague and his gang.

The next morning, Cole and Mel pack up to return to Chicago. Learning more about Hague, Cole has found that neither he nor Jagar were fugitives from SAR TOP - meaning Zin had established another organization on Earth before he created the wormhole that brought the 218 fugitives to Earth. Furthermore, Cole is anxious to return and discover why Zin was trying to trap him in London rather then Chicago.


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