The Supervoid are a primal ancient race in Joyride.

Biology[edit | edit source]

The Supervoid are a race completely made of darkness, capable of devouring suns as sustenance.

History[edit | edit source]

They Supervoid are one of the oldest race in the galaxy, existing before the first suns, before planets and life.

When the stars came to be the Supervoid found themselves being driven by the light. They learned to adapt and extinguish the suns to return the galaxy to darkness.

The Supervoid established themselves in a far corner of space, dwelling in the Eridanus Supervoid. Due to their fearsome reputation galactic society instituted the Ancient Protex Treat forbidding all FTL drives from entering their space, hardwiring every know ship to this law.

One species that did not adhere to this law was not under the authority of the Regulators, humanity. After humanity encountered the Supervoid and their horrors, they retreated back to their territory sealing the sky and isolating themselves due to the trauma.

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