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Biography Information
True Identity Kara Zor-El
Alias Linda Danvers
Homeworld Argo City
Species Kryptonian
Gender Female
Age teen age 18
Abilities Superhuman strength, speed, hearing, longevity, stamina, intelligence, Invulnerability, Flight, Freezing breath, Multiple extrasensory and vision powers, Healing factor
Status Active
Behind the Scenes
Universe DC Universe
Created by Jerry Siegel; Joe Shuster
Performed by Various

Kara Kor-El aka Supergirl is the young Kryptonian cousin of Superman, as she is the daughter of Superman's uncle. She has Superman's powers.

Biography Edit

She is born in Argo City was the only city that survived the explosion of krypton, thanks to the invention of Zor-EL in extracting the skull of a droid Brainiac drone, creating a power dome, a kind of force shield, providing light and oxygen the city to wander in deep space. Argo City drifted in space for 25 years, the city land became the anti-kryptonite. Kara-Zor-EL was born and raised in the city, when the blue dwarf star Ariel was doomed to his supernova explosion, the countless giant fragments bombarded Argo City with the destruction and condemnation of the surviving citizens of Krypton to a ruin and death by releasing the kryptonite from the deep soil of Argo City, the giant meteors weakened and ceased the shields of force, eliminating all the oxygen and energy of the city, Argo City got lost fully lifeless by deep space. Kara was sent by his father rocket to the earth, while Argo City be condemned to death, Zor-EL and few survivors sheltered in their laboratory, releasing the last energy that remained as a survival zone, where the shield of strength slowly weakened, killing his wife Alura and others with lack of oxygen. Zor-EL uses a positronic signal to attract Brainiac to Argo City, rescuing the survivors and adding all the remaining Kryptonians to bottled city of Kandor, Zor-EL was separated from the survivors, being changed by Brainiac to a collective cyber member, the villain known as super cyborg. Kara arriving on the earth, meets his cousin Kal-EL puts her in the orphanage Midvale need to keep his appearance a secret as Linda Lee with a brunette wig, Clark Kent maintains contact with his aunt Edna "Kent" Danvers, sister of Jonathan Kent and art teacher who lives in Midvale together with her husband Fred Danvers, a police officer of the state. Their only son Jan Danvers was killed on active duty with the US Army of war against Korea, his remains were buried on Chu-Li Island. The Danvers needing to fill their emotional void, three years after Jan's death, Clark Kent decides to accompany his uncles to the orphanage of Midvale, advising to adopt Linda Lee, there they met a sixteen-year-old girl who seemed just as lonely and sad as them, so they adopted her. changing its name to Linda Danvers, One year later, Fred was driving his family down a road when his car fell off a bridge. Linda saved her parents' lives, grabbing the falling vehicle and flying them to safety. she revealed the truth (which they were about to tell the Danvers anyway): her real name was Kara Zor-EL, Superman's cousin from Krypton, discovering also the secret identity of her nephew Clark Kent like superman. Edna and Fred promise to keep the secret to Linda and her nephew Clark about their secret identities as superman and supergirl. Linda spent his studies in Stanhope College "Midvale's state" practicing as cameraman at KSF studios news for students, Linda moved to National City completed her internship, working at the KSF-TV news building as a camera operator, dividing her time as supergirl too.

Unlike the series universe, in the comics, Linda Danvers is a camera operator and works in the KSF-TV news building, her boss Geoffrey Anderson leads her employees as: Johnny Drew (reporter) and Nasty Luthor (photographer and niece of Lex Luthor), she had an enmity with Supergirl and some criticizes Linda at work. Linda leaves her parents' house and goes to live in Vandyre condo, getting the friendship of the neighbors: Joan Raymond, Johnny Ostrander, Terry Blake and Sheila Wong and dating a music teacher named Philip Decker.

Notable Appearances Edit

  • Action Comics #252 (First Appearance) - Kara Kor-El aka Supergirl (not to be confused with Super-Girl who was wished into being by Jimmy and may or may not count as an alien) made her first appearance

in May of 1959 in Action Comics #252. In the comic, Kara's background with Argo City and kinship to Superman are revealed.

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