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Super Godzilla was a mutated and more powerful form of the Earth monster, Godzilla.

His mutation was due to a human scientist - Professor Ogata - augmenting Godzilla's body with the DNA of the alien dragon King Ghidorah and through giving him a high energy boost.

Super Godzilla is much stronger and more powerful than Godzilla - possessing several new attacks and abilities. However, the power surge needed to transform him would only last for one monster battle before Super Godzilla would change back to his normal form.

He was used by a group of humans to help repel an alien invasion. His design in the game would later be used and modified to create the monster SpaceGodzilla.



Godzilla fights King Ghidorah

Godzilla fights King Ghidorah.

The aliens initially made their first attack against Earth in Osaka - using their mind controlled monster King Ghidorah to do their work for them. In retaliation to this, a group of humans managed to succeed with implanting a mind control box inside Godzilla's head - allowing them to control him before sending him off to fight King Ghidorah in Osaka. King Ghidorah proved to be a strong opponent, attacking Godzilla by firing gravity beams out of its three heads. However, the King of Terror was outmatched by the Monster King as Godzilla used his atomic breath to blast off King Ghidorah's middle head. Before Godzilla could finish King Ghidorah off, Ghidorah was beamed aboard an enormous flying saucer.

The Aliens appear

The aliens appear.

The aliens inside then addressed the group of humans controlling Godzilla by taking over their transmission - admitting that they had underestimated humanity and claiming that it was them who sent King Ghidorah to attack. They pointed out, however, that the human's plan would be useless as the aliens had other monsters under their control - who would defeat Godzilla and destroy Japan before the aliens would take over the planet. As they left and the group conversed on what to do, they agreed to use Godzilla to battle and destroy their enemies, no matter what. Professor Ogata (one of the group) took the central head of King Ghidorah for analysis - hoping to find use out of it.

While Godzilla was sent to battle the alien's next monster - MechaGodzilla - Professor Ogata managed to find out
Godzilla fights Biollante

Godzilla fights his half-plant clone, Biollante.

some interesting information regarding both Godzilla's and King Ghidorah's DNA. After Godzilla's victory over his mechanical doppelganger, Professor Ogata contacted the group to reveal his findings. However, the aliens had learned about his research and kidnapped him - taking the professor to a secure base at Lake Ashino, where they imprisoned him and set up 'fake' bases filled with explosives as well as setting up high voltage electrical towers around the various bases. Godzilla and the group eventually did locate the professor, although Godzilla was forced to do battle with Biollante - a creature the aliens had created using Godzilla's DNA - shortly afterwards.

Godzilla is injected with King Ghidorah's DNA.

Godzilla is injected with King Ghidorah's DNA - making him stronger.

Following Biollante's defeat, Professor Ogata revealed his findings about King Ghidorah's DNA - they could store a lot of energy and - following his attempts to fuse the DNA of the two monster together - could make Godzilla stronger, which was necessary as it would be almost certain that stronger monsters would appear. Injecting Godzilla with King Ghidorah's cells and after waiting for the nucleus to react to the new DNA that had been implanted, Godzilla did get stronger as his power increased with the cell's reaction. This test had proven a success and given the group further hope that they could defeat the alien invaders - although the professor confided in the group that he felt more could be learned from the space dragon's DNA and so began to study them more.

Emergence of Super GodzillaEdit

Super Godzilla Transformation-0

Super Godzilla Transformation-0

Godzilla transforms into Super Godzilla.

Not long after, Godzilla fought and defeated an adult Battra - sent to attack Yokohama by the aliens - before later defeating a second Battra (either in its larvae or adult stage). However, the aliens had moved to their final phase and began to attack Japan's capital city of Tokyo - with the group realizing to their horror that the aliens were using King Ghidorah to attack Tokyo (having made him into a more powerful cyborg known as Mecha-King Ghidorah). Comparing the two monsters abilities, the group discovered that both Godzilla and Mecha-King Ghidorah's powers were equal and so were concerned about whether Godzilla could win. However, Professor Ogata explained - that from his research into King Ghidorah's DNA - the possibility exists that they could transform Godzilla into a much more powerful 'Super Godzilla' (with it been left to 'the player' (the one
Mecha-King Ghidorah attacks

Mecha-King Ghidorah attacks.

controlling Godzilla) to decide as to whether they wish to take on Mecha-King Ghidorah as Godzilla or as Super Godzilla, as long as damage in the city doesn't reach above 50%)

One way or another, Godzilla eventually confronted his upgraded adversary in his normal or super form. Proving a much tougher opponent this time, Mecha-King Ghidorah was shown to be faster than before - with the middle head replaced with a robotic head that shot a more powerful triple laser beam. Furthermore, Mecha-King Ghidorah had a brand new and devastating
Super Godzilla uses his 'Super Punch' against Mecha-King Ghidorah

Super Godzilla uses his 'Super Punch' against Mecha-King Ghidorah

attack; been able to latch onto Godzilla/Super Godzilla with the 'Godzilla Grip' from its body and electrocute the Monster King with thousands of volts of electricity. Depending on the player's decision, Godzilla eventually beats his mechanical opponent if fighting in his normal form, or easily beats Mecha-King Ghidorah if fighting in his Super Form. After defeating the cyborg, Mecha-King Ghidorah is shown teleporting away - with Godzilla changing back to normal if he fought in his Super form.

Battle of the LegendsEdit

Bagan's attack annihilates Tokyo

Bagan's attack annihilates Tokyo.

Following this defeat, however, the aliens play their last card and reveal a final monster - which appears as a large ball of energy. Speaking to the humans again, the aliens declare that the new monster is called Bagan and how humanity will learn 'the hard way' just how powerful Bagan is - with the energy body letting off several fireballs that, to the team's horror, annihilate Tokyo. Gloating that despite Godzilla's increased power, the aliens state he is no match for Bagan - although humanity is perfectly willing to try and stop them. Bagan then heads for the Diet Building where the team's base is located - with the intention of destroying the team.

Realizing their only hope now is to fight Bagan with Super Godzilla, the humans set about a plan to get Godzilla the necessary energy to transform. If Godzilla fought Mecha-King Ghidorah as normal, he will be able to get all his energy at once from a 'Super Energy Bank' that a research team helping the group was constructing - allowing him to begin his battle against Bagan as Super Godzilla. However, if Godzilla fought Mecha-King Ghidorah as Super Godzilla, he will have to begin the fight against Bagan in his normal form until the Super X-2 can get enough energy to trigger his transformation. Furthermore, Miss Yana reveals that due to Godzilla fighting battle after battle, the control box is nearly destroyed - meaning 'the player' will have to defeat Bagan quickly.

Super Godzilla clashes with Bagan

Super Godzilla clashes with Bagan.

Confronting Bagan at the Diet Building, the energy sphere explodes - revealing Bagan in a brand new form, with the aliens gloating that they traveled back in time and brought Bagan back from 'The Land of Legend' (Earth's ultra-ancient past) before enhancing him by fusing both Godzilla's and King Ghidorah's cells to him - making him enormously powerful. With the hopes of humanity resting on their shoulders, the group make their final stand against Godzilla's most powerful opponent. As Godzilla, all of his physical attacks do very little damage, while his atomic breath does little to no damage at all due to Bagan been able to create a force-field to defend himself from all or the majority of the attack. As such, it is impossible for Godzilla in his normal form to defeat Bagan. After been transformed
Super Godzilla uses his Nova Beam.

Super Godzilla uses his Nova Beam.

into Super Godzilla, however, the odds even out with both monsters having the same amount of power.

Bagan easily proves himself as Godzilla's toughest opponent; unleashing several attacks including a slash attack and energy attacks - including his 'Diamond Storm' and Plasma Beam' attacks, both of which are devastating. Despite this, Super Godzilla throws all he can back at Bagan - with a range of new attacks including flinging a sphere of energy from his tail, throwing fiery punches, hitting his opponent with a more powerful body slam, blasting his opponent with his more powerful Super Breath attack and finally, unleashing his incredibly destructive Nova Beam. After an epic and violent clash between the two legendary creatures, Bagan was eventually defeated - much to the alien leader's utter disbelief. As Bagan disappeared in a beam of light, Super Godzilla roared in triumph before he transformed back into Godzilla due to his power excess running out - the control box in his mind finally been destroyed in the process.With their invasion a failure,
Mothership Shot Down

Alien Mothership Shot Down.

the aliens tried to flee, but were later shot down by the Super X-2, giving humanity the victory over the aliens.

With his final battle complete and his mind no longer under humanity's control, Godzilla instinctively returned to the sea. However, while humanity celebrated their victory thanks to Godzilla's assistance in stopping the aliens and their mind controlled monsters, humanity worried about how Godzilla would respond the next time he returned from the sea - potentially as an enemy of humanity...


Super Godzilla - Video Game (SNES)

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