The Sulken are a race of short statured insectoids that inhabit the dry and temperate regions of their home



These insectoids are considered one of the most bizarre looking sentient species in the known galaxy. This is due to the fact that a majority of Sulken individuals are seen with multiple limbs and accessory organs. The Sulken are a very aggressive species with a twisted view of death. They have an extremely religious view of things macabre and practically worship anything related to death. The Sulken incorporate these views in their battle tactics. one such example is that they have a unique yet repulsive ability remove the limbs and or organs from their enemies and add them to their own body. They view the limbs as a religious trophy. Despite their antisocial behavior and activities they are surprisingly very intelligent. They were so intelligent that they were one of the reasons why the Shakturi and the Axis had taken over most of the galaxy in the first Shakturi invasion. The Sulken invented many technologies to help the Shakturi Axis to win the war but the one that sticks out the most was their engine technology known collectively as the StarBurner XX-12, a series of engines that allowed Sulken ships to outrun their enemies.

The Sulken are one of the most feared races in the known galaxy. With their uncanny and creepy ability to add their victims limbs their own as some sort of religious prize scares many species that neighbor them but they probably didn't always have this ability. During the first Shakturi War, the Axis had just encountered its first unified and organized threat,the Freedom Alliance. With the alliance countering them at every incursion, the war fell into a stalemate. The Shakturi were desperate in looking for ways to break the stalemate and eventually came to the conclusion of genetic modification to create the ultimate warrior race. So the Shakturi evaluated each member of Axis to determine which race was suited for the modification. Only the Sulken seemed to fit their specifications and the modification was implemented on their entire race. Whether or not this happened is up to debate by scientists as the Sulken have denied any claims of genetic modification and exclaim that their ability was purely conceived through evolutionary means.

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