The Striders were a posthuman species created by the Qu from a colony of the Star People. They lived on a moon of Jupiter with only one fifth of Earth's gravity.

On their moon, the grass grew 10 meters high and there were skyscraper-sized trees. The ecosystems were made up from pets and vermin from the human civilization, among them giant descendants of humans.

Those long, thin creatures had great skin flaps around their bodies to prevent overheating, some of them able to change color.

Because of their size and fragile bones, they could be killed by a sudden gust of wind, letting them tip over and fall down, shattering their bones upon impact. Because of the merciful conditions of their world, however, they were able to survive for about two millions years after the departure of the Qu.

After this time span, a species of predators evolved, descendants of poultry from Earth, and hunted the Striders and other species into extinction.


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