Steven Universe
Biography Information
Homeworld Earth
Hometown Beach City
Species Human/Gem (Diamond)
Gender Male
Age 14 ("Steven's Birthday")
14 3/4 ("Reunited")
16 (Steven Universe: The Movie and Steven Universe Future)
Birth August 15
Body Type Humanoid
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Black
Diet Omnivore
Family Greg Universe (father)
Pink Diamond/Rose Quartz (mother, deceased)
Deb (great aunt)
Greg's Aunt (great aunt)
Greg's Uncle (great uncle)
Andy DeMayo (first cousin once removed)
Unnamed grandparents
Unnamed great-grandfather
Pets Lion
Language English
Occupation Guardian
Abilities Healing
Creating a shield
Affiliation Crystal Gems
Diamond Authority
Status Active
Behind the Scenes
Universe Steven Universe

Steven Universe is the main protagonist of the Cartoon Network series of the same name.

History Edit

Steven was born to be half Human and Gem, he is the son of Greg Universe and Pink Diamond (a.k.a. Rose Quartz) who is a member amongst the Crystal Gems and the new member as the monarch of the Great Diamond Authority.

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