The Stereb are a hulking, long-limbed, humanoid race native to the planet Serroco. They spend most of their lives living above ground, in settlements created from crude stone buildings. Each of these Serrocoan Cities sits atop an interconnected network of tunnels and warrens, which are excavated as retreats that can be used when tornadoes and other storms sweep across the planet's surface. The average Stereb stands more than two meters in height, and is covered with thick, reddish skin. As a people, the Stereb tend to be gullible and are not overly intelligent, and usually act more on instinct than on reasoning or logic.

During the height of the Mandalorian Wars, Serroco was devastated by the Mandalorians, and only the timely warning of Carth Onasi managed to save the Stereb in seventeen of their cities. Onasi later revealed to Zayne Carrick that the warning was actually something of a joke, since Republic forces often sent false tornado warning to the Stereb, who fled into the warrens. Onasi had come to loathe the practice, since it demeaned the Stereb, but he felt that it was worthwhile if it saved any Stereb from the Mandalorian warheads.

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