Stephanerks are a race of intelligent crustaceans that originate from a planet in the Tau Ceti System.

Biology Edit

The Stephanerks are crustaceans possessing a hard exterior orange exo-skeleton. They are very mobile in water but are just as nimble on land even outpacing a automobile. They have a lower thorax that is supported by four legs. Top with an upper humanoid torso, making them seem like centaurs. Their faces are mostly hidden behind their shell but eyes are still illuminate. In addition they possess biological defenses such as razor sharp arm guards and shooters that shoot out retractable string.

Most Stephanerks look the same to most humans, though the former claim that there are differences between them.

History Edit

The Stephanerks made contact with humanity in the past a century ago. Their relationship seems to be amiable to the point the two races have colonized worlds together, though their appearances are rare to the general human populace.

Culture Edit

The Stephanerks are space-faring culture and quite intelligent. They seem to find humans to be strange creatures as they are constantly at odds with themselves. In addition the concept of lying is apparently confusing to them. They are generally seem as sophisticated beings that value civility and respect. Stephanerks names are unpronounceable in human tongue.

Stephanerks prefer to hunt and eat their food raw. They consider dining a private affair, doing it during night. A Stephanerk's mindset is view either in black or white. Due to their logical mindsets, they have a legendary reputation among humans of having great wisdom.

Appearances Edit

  • Terres Lointaines: Episode 01
  • Terres Lointaines: Episode 02
  • Terres Lointaines: Episode 03
  • Terres Lointaines: Episode 04
  • Terres Lointaines: Episode 05
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