The Steelhead is a clever, calculating and powerful strain of Chimera which are believed to be a superior engineered version of the Hybrid variant. They are easily identified for their metallic headgear they wear, hence their apt name. They are also easy to spot as they tower over standard Hybrids, standing roughly 1.5 to 2 feet taller than a Hybrid or Hardfang. Steelheads possess heavy armor which allows them to be the forefront of any battle where they lead Hybrids and Hardfangs in combat. They are capable, and willing, to endure any form of punishment to advance the Chimeran invasion. Steelheads stand around 7.7-8.5 feet but are usually bending over, often leading other Chimera into battle. They are roughly 3 times as durable as a standard Hybrid, and can even survive a direct hit from an m40 grenade.
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