Screenshot (7)Original form.

Screenshot 20170408-194545The Starman, having generated an environmental suit.

General Information
Homeworld Unknown
Habitat Unknown
Diet Unknown
Sapience Level Sapient
Language An unknown buzzing language. They can also learn the languages of other species when wearing an "environmental suit".
Subspecies/Races None
Racial Abilities Touchless interaction with technology, adaptation through transformation and generation of several silver spheres of advanced technology
Behind the Scenes
Universe Starman

The Starmen are an energy-based species. Its true name is unknown.


The Starmen seem to be a species made up of energy, as their "true form" is simply a ball of light. They are a peaceful race who find interest in exploring other worlds and observing other life forms.

They also seem to be immortal and do not need food to survive in their true form, as the Starman on Earth complained about hunting.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

When a Starman arrives on a world, they can scan a simple strand of DNA to generate an "environmental suit" which can be used to interact with other species. The Starman on Earth scanned a human DNA to make the suit.

Starmen are also shown as been able to interact with technology, as the Starman on Earth was shown as been able to turning on a projector, change a channel on a television and win cash on a gambling machine just by touching them.

Technology and ParaphernaliaEdit

The technology of the Starmen are advanced, "100,000 years ahead of Earth". They travel with large motherships, possibly made out of energy due to its design; and they dispatch "observation ships" from it.

Screenshot 20170408-194455

The spheres

When creating an environmental suit, they also create several 'silver spheres' that can be used for different tasks such as communicating telepathically, creating energy shields and healing/restoring life among other uses.



Not much is known about the history of the Starmen. Whether they originated as energy beings or evolved into such through years of evolution is especially unclear. What is known, however, is that they have frequently explored Earth.

The launch of Voyager II unwittingly attracted on particular Starman to Earth, after his people brought Voyager II aboard their ship and analysed the contents. When he flew to Earth, he was engaged by a pair of fighters and his ship what shot down. Having survived the crash, he travelled to a nearby house, and through a lock of hair cloned a body resembling that of a dead man named Scott Hayden. After sending a distress call, forced Scott's terrified widow Jenny to take him to Arizona where he could rendezvous with his ship - which would have to be within 3 days or he would die.

Over the course of the journey, the Starman struggled to understand Earth's society - complicated by Jenny's initial attempts to escape from him. He slowly learned to speak English with some help from Jenny, and developed a particular fondness for Dutch Apple Pie - with Jenny deciding to help him after seeing him use one of his spheres to bring a dead deer back to life that a hunter had killed. Eventually the Starman began to experience what is known as love, shown as when he saved Jenny after she was fatally wounded and brought her back to life. As a gift for her, he gave Jenny a baby boy after making love to her (she was previously infertile and unable to give birth) - explaining the baby would be the son of her and her deceased husband but also his, with the baby having the Starman's knowledge and growing up to become a teacher. Although saying he would stop it if she didn't want the baby, Jenny accepted her gift from him and, upon her request, the Starman pointed out where his 'star' was - so she could later tell her child where 'his father' came from.

With some help from a SETI scientist, Jenny and the Starman were finally able to make it to the rendezvous point in Arizona - despite military helicopters trying to prevent them from reaching the centre of the crater, where a large spaceship came to pick him up, presumably taking him back to his homeworld. Before leaving, he gave the last of his spheres to Jenny - stating her child would know what to do with it.


  • Starman (1984)


Mothership and Observation Ship Edit

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