Star whale

The last star whale carrying the Starship UK.

Star Whales are a species of huge spaceborne lifeforms that travel through interstellar space at faster than light speed by unknown means. Despite living in vacuum, they are able to communicate with sound when in an atmosphere, in a frequency too high to be detected by Human senses. A sapient and benevolent species, the Star Whales are featured in legendary stories in which they often guide space travelers, helping them in their journeys through the dangers of space. In the 29th century, the last known member of the species volunteered to propel the country-sized ship that would evacuate the population of the United Kingdom out of the Earth, to escape a threat of intense solar flares.
Star Whale

A computer representation of the Star Whale

Appearances Edit

  • TARDIS CAM No.6 (Webcast) (a pod of them with the Tardis resting on the back of one) - 2002
  • Doctor Who: The Lost Stories - The Song of Megaptera - 2010
  • Doctor Who Series 5 Episode 2 The Beast Below - 2010
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