Alien Species

Star Vampires are strange, blood-sucking, usually invisible creatures from beyond space that were described by the medieval sorcerer Ludvig Prinn in his cursed book De Vermis Mysteriis, containing a spell which can summon them.


The Vampires are jellyfish-like creatures with no visible head or facial features other than a huge maw, and bearing several muscular tentacles strong enough to crush a man to death and armed with suckers on the tips through which the aliens drain their victims out of their blood. Normally invisible to the Human eye, the Star Vampires become visible after feeding, as the blood of their victims fill their entire bodies, giving them a vivid red color. They constantly emit a strange terrifying laughter.

Their extraterrestrial nature is inferred from references of them coming from the stars. Although their exact origin is unknown, the way they can be quickly summoned could also suggest extra-dimensional origins or abilities.

The sapience level of this species is not known, although they are at least intelligent enough to perform domestic tasks. The occult magician Ludvig Prinn devised a spell to summon these invisible creatures and kept several of them as his loyal servants. The fact that the incantation mentions the toad-like Sadoquæ suggests a possible relationship between this deity and the Star Vampires.


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