Star Sheriff Squadron

The Star Sheriff Squadron is an universal peacekeeping organization founded by aliens inspired by the 1950s Earth hero Doctor Star.

History Edit

In 1951 World War II era hero of Spiral City, Jimmy Robinson aka Doctor Star developed a transponder that sent out a signal to contact alien life. His message was received and eager to seek out new life, left his family on Earth on what he believed to be a quick visit and a new chapter in human history.

He encountered a peaceful race of aliens that existed only to do good and had no concept of war. Doctor Star later learned that the aliens were constantly terrorized by a creature known as the Gravity Leviathan. The hero seeing that they needed a protector went out to confront the monster, tracking to its lair, a small world at the edge of a black hole. He defeated the creature, but upon returning home he discovered that due to the proximity of the black hole, time slowed for him while fighting the Gravity Leviathan, whereas days had passed for him, eighteen years passed for the rest of the universe. Realizing that he had abandoned his family Star hurried home leaving the aliens.

Doctor Star who was rejected by his wife and son's family wished to find a cure for his son's cancer. He called the aliens hoping that they could cure him. However he was greeted by the appearance of one member of the aliens known as the Star Sheriff, wielding a Cosmic Wand similar to his own.

Apparently after Doctor Star left, his actions and deeds inspired the aliens to replicate his Cosmic Wand wielding hero of their own known as the Star Sheriff. As years passed other races joined the ranks of the Star Sheriffs, creating more improved, better than the original and tapping into the Para-Zone. The Star Sheriff took Doctor Star to his homeworld where he was hailed as Star Father and defacto leader of the Star Sheriff Squadron.

The group was aware of Robinson's child's condition but sadly they could not provide their hero a cure, as it was beyond their ability. Despite his loss they offered to share with him the secrets of the Para-Zone.

Appearances Edit

  • Doctor Star & the Kingdom of Tomorrow Issue 003 (2018)
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