Star Butterfly
Star Butterfly S3 profile
Biography Information
True Identity Princess Star Butterfly
Alias Star
Princess Butterfly
Homeworld Mewni
Species Mewman
Age 15
Body Type Humanoid
Hair Color Blonde
Family Moon Butterfly
River Butterfly
Previous queens of Mewni
Occupation Student
Abilities Her wand
Personality Energetic
Status Active
Behind the Scenes
Universe Star vs. the Forces of Evil
Created by Daron Nefcy
Performed by Eden Sher

Star Butterfly is the main protagonist of the Disney XD series. Star Vs. the Forces of Evil. She is voiced by Eden Sher.


Star Butterfly is an energetic and friendly princess who hails from the dimension Mewni being a member of a species of humanoid beings dubbed Mewmans. At the start of the series, Star received a wand that was passed down from generations. However, Star proved to be too enthusiastic about inheriting the wand, and she ended up accidentally causing a lot of collateral damage to befall on the Kingdom of Mewni. As such, her parents Moon and River Butterfly decide to take their daughter to the Earth dimension, placing her under the care of a human family known as the Diaz. Star became the roommate of co-protagonist Marco Diaz, but due to some circumstances regarding an old enemy of her mother's, she is forced to be hidden away in Mewni.

Star initially shared her disdain for monsters with her people, but when she was reenacting Mewnipendence Day - a battle that took place between the ancestors of the Mewman race and the monsters - she realizes that it was an unfair war which forced any remaining monsters to evacuate from their land. Because of this, one of Stars' main goals was to establish peace between the Mewmans and monsters.

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