The Ssora are a spacefaring race of reptilian humanoids in the Milky Way galaxy from the Renegade Legion universe.

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History[edit | edit source]

The Ssora developed Tachyon-space drives in 100,000 BC and began their expansion into the stars due to overpopulation. When they encountered the warlike KessRith, they were attacked by them without provocation and began to lose worlds to the imperialistic KessRith.

Once the KessRith turned their attention to a more worthy opponent (Humans) after 3214 AD, the Ssora were able to regain some of their worlds. To prevent the KessRith from focusing on the Ssora again, they formed an alliance with the KessRith and waged war against the humans. Upon the fall of the Human Raj, the Ssora ruled over Earth from the 61st to 66th centuries.

After the Terran uprising resulted in the loss of Earth, and the humans conquered the Ssora soon afterwards in the 67th century, most of them found that they liked living in the totalitarian human empire of TOG. Ssora in the TOG have joined the bureaucracy and armed forces. A minority of Ssora prefer to live in the democratic Commonwealth at the far end of the Orion arm.

Biology[edit | edit source]

Ssora are warm-blooded lizard-like creatures that are bipedal, have a prehensile tail with a pincer at the end, and are on average 1.5 meters tall. They pair for life and have an average lifespan of 80 years (with some reaching 120 years), maturing at 10 years.

Culture[edit | edit source]

The Ssora prefer societies that are ordered and deterministic, and are horrified by any type of society or organization that is anarchistic. Lying, manipulating, and cheating are acceptable practices among the Ssora. The objective is to arrange things in such a manner that the desired target is achieved by no direct action toward it on your part.

Soul bonds among Ssora are between spouses, parents and their children, or two friends. The bond requires that you do anything to help the other, even at the cost of your life. Only outright betrayal will sever a soul bond. The Ssora create soul bonds between groups of individuals for the duration of a specific project (e.g. military operation or a technological research & development project).

Government[edit | edit source]

They have a theocracy in which the leaders are elected by votes cast by all adult Ssora. The electoral system is rife with fraud, which the Ssora find acceptable and natural. The structure of their government is based on triplets and nines (e.g. 9 State Councilors or 3 City Councilmen).

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