Considered the largest subspecies of the Squig, the Squiggoth is a quadrupedal creature typically bred by Feral Ork tribes as war mounts, although the more organised Ork factions have been known to utilise Squiggoths.


Commonly similar in appearance to a dinosaur, Squiggoths vary in size depending on how well they are fed over the course of their lives, ranging from the size of a tank to a titan war machine. When utilised by Orks in battle, a Squiggoth would have a heavily armoured weapons platform mounted onto their backs, allowing Orks to ride it and fire at surrounding enemies.

Squiggoths are extremely aggressive, even to Orks, and largely unintelligent. As a result, Squiggoths are extremely difficult to train and high Ork casualties are to be expected when Squiggoths are handled.

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