Squigglers are a predatory jungle creature native to a unknown world encountered by the Destiny Expedition.

Biology Edit

Squigglers possess an opaque soft exoskeleton with six small legs near their mouths which they use to crawl around and eat. They have six muscular octopus-like arms and green blood. Squigglers are very aggressive nocturnal predators with several rows of shiny teeth in their mouths.

Using their major arms they are able jump and attack prey. Squigglers hang from tree branches and let go over their prey and can jump several feet from the ground to different prey. Its venom that it injects into its prey causes a temporary paralysis leading to coma-like state. Squigglers dig a hole in their prey to be able to eat the victim from the inside out. The creature lives in a termite-like nest, which secretes a sulfur smell. 

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