Squigs, also known as Squiggly Beasts, are the simplest species present within the Orkoid ecology. Commonly bred by Orks (quite easily due to their similar means of reproduction) for a variety of purposes, such as food or to be kept as pets, Several subspecies of Squig exist to serve a different role.


An Attack Squig.

Squig Breeds Edit

Attack Squig: Often kept as pets by high-ranking Orks, Attack Squigs are often set loose on the battlefield to viciously maul and devour enemy infantry; although they can be just as aggressive towards Orks. Attack Squigs are also known to be used as 'guard-dogs' to areas of importance to their Ork masters.

Bag Squig: a bag-like Squig often used by Orks as belt pouches. When dried out, they can also be used as drinks flasks.

Buzzer Squig: Small insect-like Squigs, these creatures are often gathered in swarms by Orks and trapped in containers to be used as ammunition for a 'Squig Katapult.'

Buzzing Squig: Similar to Buzzer Squigs, Buzzing Squids will eat their way inside their prey until they burrow out of them before repeating the process until the prey is completely devoured.

Eating Squig: a bread-shaped species of Squig which are used solely as food for Orks. Eating Squigs are known to become tastier as they age.

Sploding Squig: Squigs containing volatile chemicals within their bodies, 'Sploding Squigs are known to self-detonate when threatened and are often used by Orks as landmines or simply thrown during battle.

Face-Eater Squig: Small Squigs with considerably large mouths and teeth, these Squigs are known to be the most dangerous and voracious species of Squig. Face-Eater Squigs are often used by Orks in Squig-eating contests, in which two Orks compete over which one of them can eat one such creature with minimal injury.

Flesh-Eater Squig: A rare breed of Squig appearing similar to a hybrid of a large rat and crocodile, Flesh-Eater Squigs rapidly shed and regrow their teeth similarly to Orks. As Orks use their own teeth as currency, the similarity between theirs and the Flesh-Eater Squig makes these creatures highly sought-after sources of wealth for Orks.

Gob Squig: Small blob-like Squigs, Orks often leave these creatures in their mouths to clean their teeth, or simply chew on them while in contemplation over something.

Growler Squig: Squigs similar in size and appearance to Dogs, Growler Squigs are often kept as pets and mascots by Ork Nobs. There exists a more birdlike version of Growler Squigs capable of verbally insulting others which are popular pets among Ork Freebooters.

Hairy Squig: Small worm-like Squigs coated in hair, Orks often use Hairy Squigs as wigs (being naturally bald), or closing wounds during Ork medical practices.

Herd Squigs: Squigs used by Ork Runtherds to herd Gretchin. Herd Squigs are known to develop an attachment to their master and will exclusively accept orders from them.

Oily Squig: Slug-like Squigs that produce an oily substance from their bodies at all times, Orks often use this substance as machine oil.

Paint-Squig: small worm-like Squigs which produce dye from their bodies, Orks often use these Squigs to dye their clothing or apply warpaint to themselves.

Parasite-Hunting Squig: Insect-like Squigs used to devour any parasitic organisms living off an Ork's body without feeding on the Ork itself (although they themselves are usually eaten by the Ork in question).

Spiky Squig: Spherical Squigs covered in poisonous spikes, these creatures are known to eject these spikes when threatened, although this poison is not particularly hazardous to Orks.

Squigeon: Flying Squigs often used for primitive communication between Orks, Squigeons are considered the Ork equivalent of Pigeons from Eath.

Squighawk: A giant breed of flying Squig, Squighawks are capable of devouring an entire Ork and are rarely trained succesfully, and so are generally avoided by Orks.

Squigpipe: A Squig appearing similar to bagpipes, Orks use this creature as such, inflated with an Ork's breath and squeezed to release the air through their several proboscises. Although the resulting sound is widely thought of as disturbing, Orks consider it music.

Squigshark: Large aquatic Squigs similar in shape and size to Earth Sharks, Squigsharks are an extreme threat to all other life in their environment and are typically only found on planets heavily infested with Orks.

Swab Squigs: Small furry Squigs often used as handkerchiefs by Orks or for other cleaning purposes. They are also quite aggressive to smaller creatures.

Syringe Squig: Squigs which kill their prey by injecting them with a deadly poison through their proboscis. As Orks are simply rendered comatose by this poison, it is often used as an anaesthetic for surgical use by them.

Targeting Squig: Small one-eyed Squigs often used to aid in maintaining ranged accuracy in combat by Ork Flash Gitz.

Vampire Squig: Flying Squigs which feed on blood, Vampire Squigs are often used by Ork Painboyz (medics) in a similar manner to Leeches in ancient Human medical practice.

WyrdSquig: a mutated Squig appearing like a malformed brain-like mass, WyrdSquigs are often used as living bombs, due to the psionic blast resulting from their death.

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