The common Splinter is one of the many various creatures native to Aether, in the Metroid Universe. It is an antlike creature that can build massive hives capable of housing hundreds of Splinters.

Several varieties of Splinter

There are five varieties of Splinter, three native to Aether and two Darkling varieties. The native Splinter varieties consist of Workers, Standard Splinters and Alpha Splinters. The Workers are found milling about in one of the chambers in the Splinter hive, looking after freshly killed GF Marines. They are white in color with transparent skin. They pose no threat as they do not pay any attention to Samus at all. Standard Splinters are found throughout the Temple Grounds, hibernating within cocoons attached to the walls. When one
Dark Splinter attacks

A Dark Splinter attacks Samus- size comparison can be seen

senses prey, it bursts from the cocoon and emits a pheromone that promotes bloodlust in any Splinters nearby. They attack by jumping at prey and biting them viciously.
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