General Information
Homeworld Extra-Dimensional
Habitat Corrupted Grounds
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Non-Sapient
Behavior Suicidal
Racial Abilities Self-explosion
Behind the Scenes
Universe Fade to Silence

The Spitter is one of the many Eldritch horrors that arrived onto the human realm to reek havoc on the human race.

Description Edit

Spitters are, by comparison, fairly small Eldritch monsters, no bigger than a man, and fairly flimsy. The body is made up of a human-like skeletal structure with decomposing skin wrapping the body from the waist down. The chest cavity is split open to reveal an orange red light, and the skull region is completely mutated into a monstrous insect-like mouth with numerous pincers. Its "arms" appear to be missing completely, with only stubs remaining. Spikes like thorns cover its entire body.

Spitters are physically weak, but highly unstable in chemistry. When threatened, it forces a chemical reaction within itself, causing it to explode violently and killing itself, along with harming whatever tried to hurt it. One by itself isn't too dangerous, but a horde of these creatures are known to be devastating.

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