Biography Information
Homeworld Mondreus
Species Diamont
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Death Unknown
Hair Color None
Eye Color Yellow
Affiliation Bounty hunter
Behind the Scenes
Universe Metroid Universe

Spire is a bounty hunter, thought to be the last Diamont.


Spire, a silicon-based Diamont, is thought to be the last of his kind. He searches the galaxy as a bounty hunter looking for information on the location or fate of the rest of his people.

Alimbic MessageEdit

Spire received the message from the Alimbic Cluster, and fought for the octoliths. He believes that "unraveling the mystery of the Alimbic Cluster may bring him one step closer to unraveling the mystery of his own."

Weapons and Alt-FormEdit

Spire uses the Magmaul in battle. The weapon seems to have replaced Spire's left hand. It fires balls of magma in an arc, and has a wide blast radius. It may also set some enemies on fire, slowly draining their health. Spire can transform into the Dialanche as an alt-form. He transforms into a rock sphere to move much faster and climb up walls. The Dialanche's weapon, the Fire Blade, spins around the Dialache, damaging all close targets.


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