Biography Information
Homeworld Gem Homeworld
Species Gem (Spinel)
Gender Female
Status Active
Behind the Scenes
Universe Steven Universe

This unnamed Spinel is the main antagonist within the Steven Universe: The Movie.


Spinel was once belonging to Pink Diamond as her playmate and "best friend", both her and Pink often playing together off of Homeworld within Pink Diamond's garden day by day. When Pink Diamond got a colony of her own however, Spinel was told to "play a game" by standing completely still and wait for Pink Diamond to come back to her. As a result, she was abandoned for the next six thousand years.

She eventually found out of the truth when Steven Universe made a galaxy-wide broadcast, not only discovering that Pink Diamond was no longer alive, but also finding out about Steven's new friends. Angry and heartbroken, she invaded Earth, with plans of destroying it and everything Steven loved. Eventually though, she discovers the error of her ways with Steven's help, and ultimately decides to make a new fresh start. She currently resides with The Diamond Authority.

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