Individuals of multiple species are known to have been present at the Festival of Offerings on the Sun-singers of Akhet system; which consists of seven planets orbiting the world of Akhaten. Their cultures are unified by the belief in the Old God, also known as "the Grandfather". They notably use items of emotional value to the possessor as currency.

The Doctor once visited the system with his granddaughter Susan, presumably in his first incarnation; and then again with Clara Oswald in his Eleventh. He identified several of the species present in the local market and attending the Festival, and stated that most of them were natives to the system, but without specifying which ones.

Named speciesEdit

Unnamed speciesEdit

MerryGejehl Merry Gejelh's species A near-Human species with distinct marks on their cheeks and forehead. They seem to make up most of the Choristers on Akhaten, whose function is to perpetually sing to the Old God.
BarkingAlien Dor'een's species A humanoid mammalianoid species with sharp white teeth which are known to make aggressive gestures and communicates by barking like a dog. Despite their frightening posture, they appear to be quite friendly when one knows how to calm them down.
AkhatenAlien1 Unidentified Terraberserker-like species A pale-skinned humanoid species with folds on their cheeks, deep eye sockets, an orifice where the nose should be and pale-blue circular structures on both sides of the head. They are likely related to the Terraberserker and might even represent a different variety of the same species.
AkhatenAlien2 Unidentified Pan-Babylonian-like species Purple-skinned noseless aliens with pointed ears and blue pupil-less eyes. They are similar to the Pan-Babylonians and almost surely represent a different ethnicity or subspecies.
Unidentified green-eyed species A light-brown-skinned humanoid species with a peculiar appearance that looks like a mixture of cephalopod and reptilian features. They have square jaws, long fingers and a triangular projection on the top of the head which houses a pair of vertically-arranged green eyes.
AkhatenAlien4 Unidentified eyeless species A pale-skinned humanoid species which has mouth, nostrils and ears but no visible eyes. They also have two pairs of tendrils hanging from their chins.
AkhatenAlien5 Unidentified luminescent species A humanoid species which appears to be fully or partially robotic, as they are enclosed in metallic suits with ever-changing patterns of lights glowing where their faces should be.
AkhatenAlien7 Unidentified green-skinned species A bald humanoid species with dark green skin and pupil-less red eyes. They might be the species the Doctor was pointing at when he dropped the name "Lucanians", but this is uncertain.
Unidentified tentacled species A cephalopod-like humanoid species with breathing apparatus on their faces and a patch of tentacles hanging from their chins. Two different kinds have been seen, which might represent distinct species, ethnicities or sexes.
AkhatenAlien9 Unidentified four-eyed species A short humanoid species with wrinkled pink skin and four full-black eyes located on the same height as the mouth, giving the appearance of a large forehead.
AkhatenAlien12 Unidentified goblin-like species A pale-skinned humanoid species with pointed ears, orange pupil-less eyes and three pairs of orifices on their faces. This alien looks remarkably similar to the Ambassadors of the City State of Binding Light, and might indeed be of the same species.


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